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6 Romantic Fall Date Ways for Couples

6 Romantic Fall Date Ways for Couples

  1. Run a race

Break a sweat — and prove who's the real athlete — by running a race together. To enjoy even more quality time, plan regular training sessions beforehand to be sure you're both ready to go on the big day.

  1. Decorate as a Pair

Deck the halls for Halloween or just get out the fall decor, but turn it into a date instead of a chore. Stringing up lights, hanging wreaths, and swapping out the tablescape is so much more fun with a lover.

  1. Go Camping

Get in touch with your outdoorsy side by taking a camping trip. Cook out over a bonfire, snuggle up in cozy sleeping bags, and pick out stars for each other. Don't forget the s'mores fixins!

  1. Cook a New Dish Together

Instead of getting takeout or heading to a restaurant, make a special dinner as a couple. Challenge yourselves by making a new recipe neither of you have tried or take turns showing off old family recipes or your very own specialty. Bon appetit!

  1. Create Something Together

Take a pottery class, try Paint Night, or pick up some supplies and get your craft on at home. Even if you aren't the most artistically inclined, you'll have a blast creating something together.

  1. Take photos together

Let's save wonderful moments by taking photos when you are together, anywhere. You will be able to see them whenever and will feel extremely happy with your lover!

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