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5 Things You Must Do With Your Sister At Least Once

5 Things You Must Do With Your Sister At Least Once

5 Things You Must Do With Your Sister At Least Once

...Or a million times.


1. Recreate a classic childhood photo.

You had a bob, she's missing her two front teeth. You're both wearing bows and lacy socks, and it's clear from your expressions that neither of you understood why Mama was making you pose under the pecan tree in your neighbor's front yard. There's just nothing better (or more amusing) than old-school family photos. Recreate one of your favorite golden oldies for a throwback that you'll treasure forever.

2. Explore a new place.

Whether you head just down the road to a small town known for its award-winning bakery or fly across the globe to island hop around the Mediterranean, there's no better travel buddy than your sister. Maybe you're a dynamite researcher and arbiter of taste, and she's a killer navigator who can get you around town sans maps or the GPS. Whatever the case, when you're traveling, two heads are always better than one.

3. Have a sister sleepover.

Order a pizza, stock up on ice cream and cookie dough, rent your favorite childhood flick (Troop Beverly Hills, anyone?), and curl up on the couch in matching pj's and fuzzy slippers. Some things just aren't meant to be outgrown.

4. Go on an outdoors adventure.

Take a walk on the wild side! Book a whitewater rafting trip, or set up camp for a weekend at the nearest state park. Hit the trails on horseback, or go on a sunrise kayak through the marsh. Whichever activity you choose, there's no bonding experience quite like an adventure in the great outdoors.

5. Get couple clothes.

The easiest way to declare your relationship to the world is by simply wearing a matching couple shirt. No need for long explanations or relationship announcement―the shirt itself is a clear representation that you two are connected.

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